A Fool For Flowers

These are a bunch of flower shots I’ve taken through the years. Most are from 2009/2010. A few are much more recent than that.

I suppose I’m a bit foolish about taking pictures of flowers. I love the color, texture of the flowers. I really love the lighting for a few of them. I’m more lucky than good when it comes to photography for the moment, but for the moment I can live with that.

I hope to eventually get plenty more photos of flowers. I haven’t had a chance to do that lately but hopefully soon.

Hope you all enjoy! Just a quick note – I’ve decided to take the chance of uploading my photos without watermarks because I don’t want to take away from the photos, but please respect my work by taking off with them – or at least give some credit. I don’t care if folks want to use the photos. I don’t want money for them at all, but I would like to at least some credit for them. Thanks! 🙂


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