This Is Me

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Okay so this is another imported post from Facebook. I know that’s cheating but hey, I don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel on a few of these things haha. This is most of me in a sort of nutshell. I’m sure I’ll be further exploring more details at some other time.

My name is Jennifer.

I’m 31 and struggling with being okay with my age.

I’m single but it’s growing old. There is love all around but it misses me.

Family is a desire, but it’s beyond my fingertips.

I’m made up of a lot of things, but sometimes I feel like I’m made of nothing.

I sometimes don’t know what makes me tick, but I do and I think that’s a good thing.

I lived a sheltered life but I coming out of my shell.

I make a lot of progress only to take steps backwards every once in a while.

Sometimes I make a lot of sense and other times I confuse even myself.

I love to have fun but I can be serious.

I’m a sensitive person but I can have one hell of a mean streak when called upon.

I’m mostly level headed, but I’m also emotional. I’m mostly happy but I have a full range of emotions.

courtesy google images

courtesy google images

I live with my heart on my sleeve and sometimes I hate that and sometimes I wouldn’t change it for all the world.

I feel it’s important to keep your inner child alive but there are times when you need to be an adult (mature).

Regrets are terrible things to have and I believe there isn’t a reason to regret things but it’s hard not to.

I’ve learned the hard way, living cautiously means missing out on things you may want later. I’ve taken chances but not nearly enough.

I want to do so much but I struggle with getting started.

Sometimes I beam with confidence and then at other times I struggle to find a good thing about me.

I believe in the power of music and words. Both speak to the heart in ways we don’t fully understand but we feel it.

I believe in gun control. I believe that weapons don’t actually create peace or a genuine sense of security. Weapons are counterintuitive to peace.

I believe that peace does not mean perfection, but rather simply the resolve to find ways other than violence to solve problems.

I believe in the human spirit even though humans often disappoint me. There are also always brilliant moments of the human spirit that we can’t overlook. We need to soak it up and let it be an inspiration, a motivator.

I believe in volunteering. The giving of one’s time to another creates a powerful bond that cannot be broken.

I believe in God and that there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe that He wouldn’t want us to use him as an excuse for war or to judge others. He doesn’t want for us to dictate to others how to live or love.

I believe in that peace is possible but we must truly believe in it for it to happen.

I believe in helping others despite how some will take advantage of the help.

I believe you can’t give up on things you believe in because it’s a tragedy to sell yourself short, though I don’t always apply this belief to myself.

I believe an open mind is needed but it’s important to have your beliefs and stand up for something or you fall for anything.

I believe that mental health is overlooked and must be evaluated. I believe it can’t be seen as a weakness or something to just sweep under the rug and forget about.

I believe that nothing is accomplished through arguing, but by compromise.

I believe in children. I believe we must learn to take better care of them so our futures may be brighter. We must teach them better things than we learned. Things can’t be changed if we don’t do something about it.

I believe it’s hard to change but if you want it badly enough, it can happen. I know this to be true for so many but it’s time now for me to take it to heart and make my own change.

I believe the time is now because I’ve learned you can’t wait for later. Later is just that… late.

I believe in the strength of a good friendship.

I believe in family even though family isn’t perfect and can often be a source of grief. Not all family members are all that great but there are those who make it more than worthwhile.

I believe in old fashioned values.

I believe in telling the truth, even when it hurts. People have the right to know the truth and to make decisions based on it rather than what they believe to be true and it be false or misleading.

courtesy google images

courtesy google images

I believe in the golden rule – treat others as you want to be treated. It matters not how they behave, hold yourself to the higher standard. I believe in being the bigger person.

I believe in the messages MLK, Jr., Gandhi, John Lennon, Mother Theresa and so many other peace loving people told us and hope we follow through on.

I believe in commitment. When you commit to someone or something, it’s important to follow through so you don’t let yourself or someone else down.

I believe it’s the little things that matter; its the little things that add up to make the changes we want to see.

I believe anything worth having isn’t easy to achieve. It’s hard, as I’m finding out right now, but the result will be that much sweeter.

I believe in the power of education. Education doesn’t have to be in a classroom; it’s meeting new people, it’s reading a newspaper, it’s everywhere if you just open your eyes, ears and heart.

I believe often that I’m part of a dying breed. My beliefs feel outdated, like last year’s computer or Ipod. It’s hard to find others who feel like I do about many things.

I believe there is no substitute for the human connection, in hand written letters though I like technology. I still believe in talking on the phone instead of just text messaging because it’s good to hear a person’s voice. It just means more. I believe it’s worth taking that extra measure so you don’t forget how to be human.

I believe in being considerate of others’ feelings regardless of the situation. I may end up wrong but at least I didn’t hurt their feelings in whatever process I’m going through.

I believe in more things than I can list here.

I know I can be complicated, though I try and be simple. I sometimes contradict myself despite my best efforts but I always have a reason.

I take things on a case by case basis.

I try not to judge others, though I can have a strong opinion on topics.

I’m not perfect but I keep trying to get better and better. I have no idea what better will look like but I’m going for it.

I don’t really know what I’m doing here; I’m just trying to make the most of what I have. I haven’t always been good at that but maybe I can do better now.

I’m a work in progress. I am always changing but hopefully always for the best.

I believe this is who I am right now. I’m a complicated mess and yet I’m simple. I may change, I may not. Take me or leave me.


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