Foolish People


I think I knew this already, but I definitely know it now – you just shouldn’t think about anything else when you’re trying to accomplish certain simple tasks, such as purchasing lunch. Foolish things have a tendency to happen.

First, I was being ridiculous by spending far too much time and energy thinking on past relationships and how sour they’ve gone. I worked myself into a tizzy, all the while trying to get my work done as I work Saturdays. The fact I was trying to get work done meant it wasn’t a good idea to wander into the past, but I did. I don’t even really remember what triggered the stroll down memory lane.

Anyway, I managed to bring myself to reality long enough to get lunch for my editor and myself. Well, I go through the drive-thru. Carl’s Jr., at least the one in Needles, isn’t too particularly speedy for being fast food, but this time they were reasonably quick and brought me my food first before they even gave me my debit card back. Well this just isn’t the norm you see. Since I got my food, I think out of habit, I started to take off but I could hear the girl at the window yell at me to stop. Yep, I tried to give my debit card away. I just wasn’t thinking clearly. Oh did I forget to mention I also messed up my editor’s order? Yep. I did that too. Do’h! Just too busy thinking about things that aren’t even worth it. Fortunately, he wasn’t too worried about it but still. Sheesh.

The good news to all of this is at least I managed to get all my writing done and was able to move onto other things I needed to do for work – which in this case is doing layout for the sports pages. I was able to somewhat redeem myself for being a dork by getting my pages done fairly quick. My editor also liked how I did my layout, though there again there was a bit of a mistake. I should have used jumps to connect the two sports pages but I didn’t. Do’h! Jumps, for all the non-journalists out there, are those “see page…” and “continued from…” lines you see in papers. The jumps help readers find the rest of the material. Well, I’m still in the learning process so I’m not horribly worried about that and it doesn’t cost me anything, unlike trying to give away my debit card. Mostly, the day went well despite my “Homer” moments haha.

The way home was fun too. There was this guy and his friend walking, not real sure where they were headed. The one gentleman was decked out, head to toe, in neon orange. He was wearing a safety vest and his hat looked like an orange cone but had several spikes. If that’s a new fashion trend, I hadn’t heard about it. It made me smile. I was only disappointed I was driving and I didn’t have a camera handy. That’s a picture that would have been worth sharing. I think it mostly made me think of how foolish we can be in our attire and yet often it’s simply to have fun, not because it’s meant to be taken seriously. Being “foolish” can often be for fun. I was tempted to post something today of “Jackass” but decided that would be far too foolish. One five minute clip would bring town the intelligence level of all of WordPress haha.

Until the next foolish moment – take care all!


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