Stormy who?


As I get started on this blogging journey, I realize that as I agonized over getting the perfect “About Me” section, I followed the recommendations made by WordPress but it doesn’t totally tell readers about who I am. It touches on some things and it does scratch the surface, but I’ve decided that perhaps as I gain readers, or maybe to even get more readers, I probably ought to actually introduce myself.

I agree with WordPress that a simple laundry list of saying “I’m blah blah blah” and “I live blah blah blah” is quite frankly, boring. Anyone can say that. That was one thing that really appealed to me about the suggestions WordPress made about the “About Me” section. I love to tell stories so perhaps it’s time to tell my own. I never really thought about me or my life as being all that interesting but just maybe if I tell it with a little flare, it won’t feel so blase´. I’ve also decided to tell it all at once would feel like word vomit and I feel fairly confident that vomit any form is not so attractive. It may also be a bit more intriguing if it comes in “chapters,” though it won’t necessarily be in order.

All that said, I suppose I should actually divulge some information. I chose “Stormy Musings” for a few fairly simple reasons. First, “stormy” is a childhood nickname. My Grandpa Max, who passed away a year ago, gave me that name. Once upon a time I may not have been so accepting of using this name for anything, but in the last several years or so, I’ve decided to own it. I decided it can describe me at times. The name came about from being quite the temper tantrum thrower as a toddler. I was an expert. I bet if there had been competitions, I’d of won. I threw myself down, screamed, yelled, kicked, stomped, the whole nine yards. I went so far as to bang my head on the floor, this probably explains a lot. Given the violence, my grandpa started calling me stormy, because that’s what it was like – completely uncontrollable and reasonably unpredictable. Just a note – I don’t do any of that anymore. I’ve learned more advanced methods of getting my point across.

Anyway, as I thought about what I wanted to accomplish with this blog, I thought about that name, which also now has more special meaning given his passing. I decided I thought it would be a great fit. I can still be passionate about particular subject matter and on occasion very unpredictable. I tend to be random but I like that. It means things can’t get boring. I can be stubborn and forceful but sometimes not so much. Not all storms are violent.

There is also the fact that growing up, I loved storms. I used to love to be outside and just watch the rain and lightning, hence the lighting photo. I did at one point entertain the idea of being a meteorologist. Sadly, I discovered in college that there’s a great deal of math involved in meteorology and wouldn’t you know it, me and math simply don’t get along. We tried a few times to repair our relationship but it was pointless. We’ve since divorced and I now write for a living instead. It’s much better this way. I do still love a good thunderstorm though. The sound, the smell, the sights – all very amazing. I do love a good snow storm too. I love waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the new, untouched snow on the ground. It’s breathtaking. I loved the soft glow of light that leaked into my bedroom window from the reflection off the snow. The glisten and sparkle was enchanting, especially on a full moon. It was all fresh, untouched, unsullied like a brand new day. Nothing’s had a chance to ruin it yet.

I decided that personality will be reflected in my blogs. I’ll allow myself to be passionate when needed, but always respectful of course. I want this to be random and  fairly unpredictable. I want for things to be interesting. I most definitely want to interact with folks. I’m still learning to be a better writer. I want some feedback – good, bad, ugly – just keep in mind that despite my “stormy” past, I am a bit sensitive. I like constructive criticism – not destructive.

So please, feel free to comment away. I’m always interested in knowing how others view, not only my writing, but the subject matter and well, the world. It’s like I said in my “About Me” section – education by conversing is amazing. There is much to learn by knowing how others live and see things.

Lastly, please still be patient with me too. I’m still formulating what I want on here and things are bound to change, hopefully not too much more, but it could. I haven’t blogged previously and I certainly haven’t been in a position where I was virtually in charge of my own site so there’s a huge learning curve. I am still trying to get all the content on here I want. Never fear, it will get on here – it just may take a little time. Thank you all in advance for stopping by, having a “listen” to the rantings of this “storm” and for commenting!


5 responses to “Stormy who?

  1. I can so relate to this! Being new to the blogging scene as well! I dig the name Stormy is beautiful!

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