“The Foolish Things People Do”


So I’ve pretty much spent my entire evening working on figuring things out on this blog. As I said this morning, I’m on a real steep learning curve when it comes to this blog. I was a bit naive thinking I could just sign up and just start writing and that certain elements would already be in place for me. Now that I’m finally getting the hang of it, I think I have it worked out. Things will be tweaked quite a bit in the coming days, weeks and hopefully not months, but I think I have a handle on it now.

All that said, I couldn’t let the day pass without accomplishing one of my goals. My project I started on Facebook was to have a theme for every month. Because of April Fool’s Day, I thought this month would be great for “The Foolish Things People Do.” I read a blog this morning that really got me thinking about love and all that jazz. We all know the phrase “love is blind” or some variation of how it makes us blind. I think it’s fair to say that when you’ve been blinded you’re apt to do some foolish things (this of course is in no way is a slam to those who are without their actual eyesight – just to be clear).

There are numerous songs, poems, writings, etc., all reflecting this “foolishness.” I know myself, as reflected in an old post I “imported” from Myspace, I made the mistake of taking back a cheating ex. I thought it was worth the try for various reasons. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way it wasn’t worth the risk. That experiment blew up in my face. The one up side to it all was at least then I knew I wouldn’t have any “what ifs” in the back of my mind. I knew. There is no “if.” Perhaps then it wasn’t so foolish?

My other real foolish moment came after all that. Another guy came in and swept me off my feet. I knew that he was looking to move away after getting out of the military but I decided it was worth taking vacation time, spending a week with him anyway because you just never know what the future holds right? Well, I do have amazing memories of that time with him but lo and behold, it didn’t work out. The real foolish part comes in when I knew he had certain tendencies to push people he cares about away when a big change is coming. Perhaps it was my arrogance thinking that somehow I could be the one person he wouldn’t do that too or my silly “girly” habit of hoping too hard that it would be different, but, naturally, it wasn’t.

Then there are the foolish games people play in relationships. This makes me think of the movie “Two Can Play That Game” with Vivica A. Fox. There is always this cat and mouse game that does seem to be played during the early stages of a relationship. This astonishes me because people often complain they didn’t really know the other person and I think well of course not. There was this game played first and how can you really know someone like that? This contributes to my not watching shows like “The Bachelor,” etc., because how can a person trust that the woman he’s really interested in is actually interested back and hasn’t just been wanting to win a game. Unfortunately, people do that even when they’re not on a show. The games can be somewhat on a less than harmful level all the way to lies and cheating,  much more damaging. It’s difficult to say if the fool is the player, because karma does come around eventually, or the one buying the game.

Being the fool in love isn’t always such a bad thing. Eventually the fool finds a fellow fool and it’s a match made in foolishness.


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