Good morning WordPress!

similar to what i see where i live

similar to what i see where i live

Greetings to all!
I suppose I better get to posting something or this will never get off the ground. When I first added this blog the plan was to have it all set up first before actually blogging but I didn’t realize how much work it would be to basically set up a webpage – I thought I was just going to blog. That said – I tend to overthink things and am positive that I’m making this much more complicated that it needs to be. This initial process has delayed me and so I’ve decided that perhaps I’ll just need to get the whole thing done as I go along instead.

I suppose I should take an extra moment to further explain the idea behind this blog. I’d like to think I covered my bases in the about me but that may be too wordy in spots and not wordy enough in others. Anyway, I’m still pretty early in my journalism career and hope to make this a great way to hone my skills, but also to interact with the public about all sorts of topics. I was told once that what writers do is… write. So that’s the goal, along with the sharing and exchanging of points of views and ideas about whatever comes up at the time. I like a wide range of topics so I’m sure I’ll be writing about them.

I want this blog to reflect who I am, so that means I reserve the right to go off course on occasion and be random. I have a tendency to do that. Ask my friends who speak to me on any kind of regular basis. I do have one idea for a running theme that you will find. I started it on my Facebook but have decided it will be better suited here. It started with the “Love Month” for February because of Valentine’s Day and was followed by Lucky March for St. Patrick’s Day. April is “The Foolish Things People Do” for April Fool’s Day, which has come and gone.  The themes are ways to show gratitude, have fun, and as with the rest of the blog, express opinions, thoughts and reflect on related topics to those themes.

Please bear with me as I’m still learning all the things I need to do to make my blog even worth looking at let alone reading. Like I said, I was taking so long just setting it up that I finally realized I need to just get started and I’ll figure out the details as I do along. Thanks for stopping by and hope to “see” you again!


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